What is an aligner?
These are transparent splints made of elastic foil that have the property of moving the teeth.
Accordingly, they are a means of straightening the teeth and arranging them.
They are made using digital methods.
They change over a period of time.
They are completely transparent.
They have a lower cost than treatment with braces.
It is possible to use them in quite critical situations.
They are better tolerated than other orthodontic appliances because they are removable and compact.
How is the treatment going?

1. First, a thorough review and analysis of the clinical situation is needed.

2. Taking impressions or intraoral scanning.


3. Casting plaster models and scanning

4. Loading the models in dental CAD software and analysis, setup.

5. Approval of the treatment plan by the patient.

6. Printing the generated files and preparation for production

7. Making the aligners

8. Handover to the patient and instructions for use

9. After achieving the intended result, a retention phase follows.

The period of wearing, the number of splints is strictly individual and can be clear after examination and analysis.