Implantology treatment is the best restorative method for replacing a missing tooth to date.

Achieving good results that are long-term requires the restoration of all lost elements of the masticatory system. This is achieved through various modern techniques – bone regenerative methods, plasma therapy, precision through new technology, proper functional restoration, proper shaping of soft tissues, etc. A good analysis and treatment plan is necessary. Placement of implants is painless, performed under anesthesia.

Everyone perceives in a different way, sometimes patients say that they did not feel anything, for others it is discomfort, but definitely everything passes within a few days.

There are different dental implant systems. Our choice is between three systems – MIS Implant (Israel), NeoBio Tech (South Korea), Alpha-Bio (Israel).

When in doubt whether implantology is the right treatment for you, we suggest making an appointment for a consultation to do an initial examination before planning a treatment – or ask us your question in the contact form.