The plasma therapy or PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) procedure is the most natural method of cellular rejuvenation. She entered aesthetic dermatology relatively recently, but in a short time won a place among the most desired and liked aesthetic procedures. There are many reasons for this.

Application of platelet-rich plasma in dentistry:

Introduced into the tissues, platelet plasma and the growth factors contained in it cause neovascularization, normalize hemodynamics, tissue respiration, metabolism. At the same time, there is a process of new bone formation, collagen matrix and activation of local immunity.

Applications in dentistry

Treatment of dental alveolus after tooth extraction to promote bone regeneration.
Also in dental implantology.
Treatment of gingival problems (gingivitis, localized periodontitis, generalized periodontitis (grade 1,2,3)
Jaw bone reconstruction and others.