Hypnosis is a hypnotherapist guided specific concentration of attention that uses the power of your subconscious mind to achieve desired change in various areas of life. Hypnosis is a scientific, natural and relaxing method that has a powerful impact on building a sense of self-confidence and reducing everyday stress.

In a state of hypnosis, your suggestibility increases and this can be used by the therapist to your full advantage.

Overcoming dental phobias, dentist panic. Most interestingly, he can control pain, salivation and bleeding under hypnosis.

How it works?

A hypnotherapist leads the hypnosis, the patient’s vital signs are monitored. The dentist works without applying any anesthesia. Exclusive method for people allergic to anesthetics etc.

Placement of dental implants under hypnosis.

Fear of going to the dentist is a universal phenomenon that justifies the growing importance of psychology and the behavioral sciences to dental education and clinical practice. Pharmacological sedation has been used more and more in the last two decades to relieve anxiety and phobia and allow the patient to face oral surgery. In Bulgaria, general anesthesia is not so common
A great alternative is hypnosis. A method that is natural and does not poison the body in any way. Hypnotherapy is a powerful non-pharmacological tool in dentistry. It provides effective sedation while maintaining patient cooperation.
Hypnotherapy can be used to overcome panic attacks during dental visits, phobias, etc.

For hypnosis during dental treatment, we rely on Ivo Velichkov.
He is a certified hypnotherapist with successful professional realization in Great Britain and Bulgaria and founder of the “Bulgarian Hypnosis Association”. For more information please contact us.